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Evaluate, supply, support


With nearly 50 years’ industry experience and ISO approved, Fraser Technologies is a leading specialist in component cleaning processes, chemistries, and equipment, as well as soldering products.

Our ethos is simple and it’s what makes us successful, even today. We not only supply products but provide a complete all round solution to our customers which includes access to state of the art trial facilities and a first-class after sales support service.

Our approach? We follow a process we like to call ‘Evaluate, Supply, Support (ESS).’

Evaluation is key, getting it right is essential. Whether a customer wants to extend the life of existing components and equipment or need new equipment but not sure what would work best, through to understanding which the chemistries would help achieve the best results with the least disruption.

At Fraser Technologies, we work very closely with our customers to evaluate their requirements and help them achieve the desired levels of cleanliness that also complies with very latest environmental and health and safety regulations.

Our customers span across a wide range of industries, each with a diverse range of cleaning applications. It is our expertise in key sectors that make us stand out from the rest. Whether it’s aerospace and defence, electronics, medical, optics or automotive, Fraser Technologies is considered the go-to company for the best-in-class cleaning expertise. An independent company, we carefully source our component cleaning and soldering products from a selected range of leading-edge companies, ensuring we provide access to the latest technologies.

To add even greater choice we have launched our very own KlensTek range of aqueous component cleaning and electronic cleaning agents, designed for safe, effective and eco-friendly cleaning performance.


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