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Component cleaning systems to meet your requirements

Fraser Technologies offers a diverse range of aqueous and solvent component cleaning systems to suit a wide variety of applications. We help clients evaluate processes to select a solution that delivers suitably fast, effective cleaning cycles. Fully committed to supplying the highest quality cleaning equipment and systems that use superior technology, working with market-leading manufacturers, and provide ongoing after sales support.

If we do not have a standard system which meets your application requirements, we can arrange to build a customised one that will. We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and arrange process trials and demonstrations to help you identify and select the optimum cleaning system.

Ultrasonic benchtop cleaning tanks


Our Powersonic ultrasonic benchtop tanks feature unique swept-wave ultrasonics, avoiding ‘hot spots’ for consistent cleaning results.

Solvent single-tank ultrasonic systems


Our Solvac 1 semi-automated single-tank ultrasonic cleaning and vapour degreasing systems is designed for larger applications or large batch processing.

Aqueous SIA multistage systems


Aqueous spray-in-air multistage cleaning systems by Miele, featuring pre-set and individually programmable cleaning cycles.

Compact solvent twin-tank systems


The Micropac range of small footprint twin-tank ultrasonic solvent cleaners boast high-efficiency cleaning where space is at a premium.

Aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systems


Our Aquatronic aqueous ultrasonic multistage cleaning systems come in manual and fully automated models, for light, medium and heavy throughput.

Solvent multi-stage ultrasonic systems


Our Solvac S2 and S3 multistage ultrasonic solvent systems offer two levels of automation for increasingly higher volumes and shorter process times.