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Powersonic benchtop tank with unique swept wave ultrasonics

The Powersonic range of benchtop¬†ultrasonic tanks now incorporate patented ceramically enhanced industrial strength transducers. These transducers provide increased ultrasonic cleaning power, consistency and reliability compared to the competition’s conventional, wafer type design.

Swept wave ultrasonics

The exclusive benefit from choosing Powersonic ultrasonic tanks is swept wave ultrasonics. This feature controls a sweeping ultrasonic frequency which effectively creates overlapping waves of ultrasonic energy. These overlapping waves eliminate any possibility of inconsistent cleaning results primarily due to “hot spots” or areas where the ultrasonic energy may be higher than in others.

The Powersonic range benefits from:

  • 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Range of sizes from 1.75 litres to 26 litres
  • Analog or Digital Display Timer
  • Thermostatically Controlled Heat (80oC)
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Cover Included
  • Ceramically Enhanced Industrial Transducers
  • 45kHz Swept Wave Technology
  • Control of Power, Time and Degas Function (Digital Models Only)
  • Drain Valve.
  • Small batch precision components
  • Removal of organic residues, grease, fingerprints, oils, films, mould release, etc.