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The Solvac S2 and S3 solvent ultrasonic cleaning systems offer two levels of automation. The S2 has a robot which processes the basket but the operator must load the basket on to the robot arm. The S3 (pictured opposite) is completely automated and usually incorporates conveyors from which the robot can shuffle multiple baskets through the system, increasing throughput and process times.

Both models come with pneumatically sealed lids and doors as standard. The S2 and S3 models have a unique patented LoadLock Canopy area that minimises solvent emissions and completely isolates the process chamber from the operator at all times. These systems are considered sealed machines.

Advantages of the Solvac S2 and S3 at glance:

  • Solvent immersion tank with a range of ultrasonic frequency options
  • Offset distillation
  • Built-in refrigeration
  • 100% freeboard ratio to limit solvent consumption
  • Various levels of automation available
  • Solvent replacement warning
  • Gravity water separator
  • PLC controlled
  • Pneumatic sealed compression lid
  • Patented LoadLock sealing technology
  • Stainless steel condenser to avoid corrosion
  • Stainless steel process tank
  • Filtered recirculation with sub-micron capability
  • Fully enclosed systems.
Solvac 2 ultrasonic cleaning

Application: metal components

  • Steel, stainless steel aluminium, copper, brass, diecast zinc, hard alloys

Types of soiling

  • Oil, emulsions, polishes, metal particles, lapping abrasives

Basket Sizes
• 500 – 500mm x 250mm x 250mm deep
• 1000 – 1000mm x 300mm x 300mm deep
• 1500 – 1500mm x 500mm x 500mm deep