Component cleaning equipment and fluids | Soldering products

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Quality component cleaning and soldering products. Backed by first class advice, services and support.

At Fraser Technologies we have been leading the way for nearly 50 years in specifying, delivering and supporting the very best in component cleaning and soldering products.

Our added-value UK-wide service includes but goes beyond supplying products. An approach we call evaluate, supply and support.’

Electronic cleaning products


Fraser Technologies provides safe and effective cleaning agents for electronic cleaning applications including PCB cleaning, misprint cleaning, stencil cleaning, and more.

Aqueous cleaning


We supply highly effective aqueous component cleaning systems and chemistries to meet exacting cleaning requirements across the full range of manufacturing sectors.

Solvent cleaning


We evaluate and provide a range of eco-friendly solvent cleaning systems and chemistries to meet a wide variety of component cleaning requirements across diverse industry sectors.

Soldering products


We guide client expertly through the Koki range of soldering pastes, fluxes and wires for a perfect match to each application, including lead-free and halogen-free products.

Cleaning equipment


Our component cleaning equipment range includes vapour degreasing systems and aqueous spray-wash and ultrasonic systems, from single tank to multi-stage systems.

Heat transfer and carrier fluids

sinera-s-series-product-banner products

Among our range of specialty fluids is Opteon™ Suprion by Chemours™, specially formulated for carrier fluid and other applications, and Opteon™ Sinera for  heat transfer/dielectrics.