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electronics-iconFraser Technologies has worked successfully in the electronics industry for nearly 50 years. Delivering fast, effective parts cleaning cycles that keep your productivity levels high is our top priority. Staying ahead of environmental regulations, we help you to protect your workers and the environment.

We also supply and specify high-performance Koki soldering materials, meeting today’s demands for lead-free and no-clean technologies.

Component cleaning equipment

We supply and engineer only the highest quality solvent and aqueous component cleaning equipment and process systems, backed by a reliable, expert service. If no standard cleaning system fully meets your needs, we can arrange to build a bespoke one. Our product range includes:

  • single-stage ultrasonic tanks
  • automated multi-stage ultrasonic tanks
  • in-line and batch cleaning systems
  • spray-wash multi-stage and single-chamber systems

Electronic cleaning fluids

With our KlensTek® range of electronic cleaning fluids, we help you select agents that remove a wide range of residue types including:

  • No-clean
  • Lead free and halide free
  • Water soluble (OA)
  • RA/RMA (rosin activated/mildly activated)
  • Eutectic (Sn/Pb)
  • HMP (high melting point)

Stencil cleaning fluids

It’s estimated that 70% of surface mount technology defects are due to stencil printing problems. Research we commissioned showed that frequent misprint problems include ‘bridging’, ‘solder-balling’ and ‘tomb-stoning.’ Our KlensTek® range includes stencil cleaning agents that tackle these issues and are suitable for:

  • ultrasonic and spray cleaning
  • manual cleaning

Maintenance cleaning fluids

Baked-in fluxes and adhesives, accumulated on equipment during the soldering process, need to be removed to ensure process productivity and product reliability. That’s why Fraser Technologies offers a range of water-based and solvent-based cleaning agents for ultrasonic, spray-in-air or manual cleaning, to remove contaminants from equipment including:

  • reflow and wave solder ovens
  • solder frames
  • conveyor fingers
  • condensate traps
  • dispenser nozzles

Soldering products

Working with Koki, a leading, innovative manufacturer of soldering products, we help you select the right products to address the challenges presented by the electronics industry’s shift towards lead-free soldering. The Koki solder paste, Koki solder wire and Koki solder flux ranges address specific needs such as:

  • solder tip erosion
  • cleanability
  • wetting
  • voiding
  • ICT testability