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medical icon.inddFraser Technologies has worked successfully in the medical devices industry for many years. Delivering fast, effective cleaning cycles that keep your productivity levels high is our top priority. Staying ahead of environmental regulations, we help you to protect your workers and the environment.

Component cleaning equipment

We supply and engineer only the highest quality solvent and aqueous component cleaning equipment and process systems, backed by a reliable, expert service. If no standard cleaning system fully meets your needs, we can arrange to build a bespoke one. Our product range includes:

  • solvent vapour degreasing systems
  • single-stage ultrasonic tanks
  • automated multi-stage ultrasonic tanks
  • in-line and batch cleaning systems
  • spray-wash multi-stage and single-chamber systems

Hazardous solvent replacement

We provide high-performance alternatives to hazardous solvents including trichloroethylene, nPB and PERC, removing the associated health and safety and environmental risks. Take for instance  Opteon™Sion™cleaning solvent. With an impressive cleaning power of 100kb, it has the same safe exposure limit as everyday rubbing alcohol.

KlensTek® M Series aqueous metal cleaners

The KlensTek® M Series of aqueous metal cleaning agents has been specially designed to meet the demands of critical metal component cleaning applications and stringent environmental and health and safety standards. The goal: to provide best-in-class performance with some of the safest products available.

Versatile Vertrel® speciality fluids

The versatile Vertrel® specialty fluid range offers unique properties enabling a wide range of applications.  Vertrel® fluids are:

  • ideal replacements for nPB, PFCs, PFPEs and HFE
  • designed to clean a wide range of soils with fast, residue-free drying
  • compatible with a broad range of metals, plastics and elastomers
  • chemically and thermally stable, non-flammable and safe to use