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We can guide you expertly through the new generation of soldering products from KOKI, a global leader in soldering product innovation, including leaded and unleaded solder pastes, fluxes, wires and adhesives for today’s high-temperature applications.

The Koki range of solder pastes includes products that solve your particular challenges, from pillowing and bridging to poor wetting and voiding. We can assist you with selecting lead–free, leaded or halogen-free solder pastes with the required process performance and cleanability. The aim: repeatable solder joint quality and reliability.

Solder pastes


Our range of solder pastes includes products offering excellent wetting performance and cleanability, as demanded by higher-temperature applications.

Solder fluxes


Our range of solder fluxes cater for specific demands of today’s SMT manufacturers, including high wettability, anti-bridging performance and low residue.

Solder wires


Our range of solder wires is designed to address needs including low spatter, low residue and reduced tip carbon build-up or erosion.

koki-officesAbout KOKI

Established for over 50 years, Tokyo-based KOKI Corporation has been pioneering and manufacturing cutting-edge soldering materials ever since, growing to become a truly global player.

Part of that growth was spearheaded by the establishment in 2001 of KOKI Europe in Denmark, for whom Fraser Technologies is sole UK partner.

Today, we work hand in hand with KOKI to offer our electronics industry customers technically advanced products that deliver high performance, and compliance with environmental legislation.

Specialist applications

KOKI is actively advancing next generation soldering technologies such as halogen-free flux, anti-cracking solder alloys and low-melting-point solder alloys, alongside its existing suite of high-quality soldering materials.

The Koki suite of soldering products also provides solutions for specialist applications, including:

  • Residue-less soldering
  • Jet dispensing/high speed dispensing
  • Test probe compatible residues
  • High reliability applications such as those demanded by the aerospace, defence and automotive industries
  • PoP paste applications
  • High-density SMT packages.
  • Laser soldering
  • Environmental testing resistant residues
  • SMT Adhesives

Please ask your Fraser Technologies adviser for guidance on your specialist soldering or component cleaning requirements.