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Fluxes for first-class wettability and reliability

top_logoWe can guide you expertly through the new generation of soldering products from KOKI, a global leader in soldering product innovation, including solder pastes, fluxes and wires for today’s high-temperature applications.

The Koki range of solder fluxes includes products that solve you particular challenges from bridging and residues to voiding . We can assist you with selecting lead–free, leaded or halogen-free solder fluxes with the required wetting performance and cleanability. The aim: repeatable solder joint reliability.

Specialist Applications include: VOC-Free wave soldering flux options, Tack Fluxes, Halogen Free Rosin based Leaded and un-leaded process applications


After Soldering

JS-EU-01 After Soldering

Rosin Free, Ultra low residue wave soldering flux

Koki JS-EU-01 wave soldering flux made by special rosin-free preparation, achieving a beautiful finish with barely visible flux residues after soldering.

  1. By minimizing outflow of solid content due to the heat and pressure of waving, the flux remains active until the end of the process.
  2. Achieves remarkably consistent solder workability.

PCBs after wave soldering

PCBs after wave soldering

Rosin Free, Low residue wave soldering flux

Koki JS-EU-02 , an organic-acid-based flux, achieves excellent solderability, even in compact wave soldering machines with short pre-heating zones.

  1. Retains activation in long 2nd wave at high temperature, with excellent anti-bridging properties.
  2. With minimal solids content and resin additive, achieves exceptionally low flux residue.

JS-EU-01 is ideal for soldering applications requiring:

  • 4.0% solids content
  • Ideally suited to wave soldering
  • Flux type ORLO
  • Minimal residues
  • Excellent hole fill
  • Low bridging

JS-EU-02 is ideal for soldering applications applications requiring:

  • 2.8% solids content
  • Ideally suited to wave soldering
  • Flux type ORLO
  • Very low residues
  • Maintains activation through long contact 2nd wave
JS-E-15X Solder flux Koki

Powerful wetting wave and selective soldering flux

Koki JS-E-15X wave soldering flux offers powerful wetting performance JS-E-15X and easily spreads uniformly over the whole surface to form a seamless flux layer.

  1. Complete removal of oxide film and prevention of reoxidisation during pre-heating ensure excellent through-hole filling.
  2. Compatible with severely oxidised materials such as nickel and brass, and effective for selective soldering.
JS-EU-31 Halogen-free soldering flux

Rosin Free, Low residue wave and selective soldering flux

halogen freeKoki JS-EU-31  wave soldering flux offers excellent hydrophobicity compared to other organic acid based fluxes. It maintains high electrical reliability in prolonged humid conditions.

  1. Improved solder wettability and flux fluidity compared to other organic acid fluxes. Excellent workability like rosin type flux.
  2. Fast drying at room temperature, electrical reliability and workability make JS-EU-31 ideal for point soldering.

JS-E-15X is ideal for soldering flux applications requiring:

  • 14.8% solids content
  • Ideally suited to wave soldering and selective soldering
  • Flux type ROM1
  • Powerful wetting
  • Excellent hole fill
  • Anti-bridging
  • Anti-solder beading

JS-EU-31 is ideal for soldering applications applications requiring:

  • 2.7% solids content
  • Ideally suited to wave soldering and selective soldering
  • Flux type ORLO
  • Halogen Free
  • Low residue
  • High humidity resistance

koki-officesAbout KOKI

Established for over 50 years, Tokyo-based KOKI Corporation has been pioneering and manufacturing cutting-edge soldering materials ever since, growing to become a truly global player.

Part of that growth was spearheaded by the establishment in 2001 of KOKI Europe in Denmark, for whom Fraser Technologies is sole UK partner.

Today, we work hand in hand with KOKI to offer our electronics industry customers technically advanced products that deliver high performance, and compliance with environmental legislation.

Specialist applications

KOKI is actively advancing next generation soldering technologies such as halogen-free flux, anti-cracking solder alloys and low-melting-point solder alloys, alongside its existing suite of high-quality soldering materials.

The Koki suite of soldering products also provides solutions for specialist applications, including:

  • Residue-less soldering
  • Jet dispensing/high speed dispensing
  • Test probe compatible residues
  • High reliability applications such as those demanded by the aerospace, defence and automotive industries
  • PoP paste applications
  • High-density SMT packages.
  • Laser soldering
  • Environmental testing resistant residues
  • SMT Adhesives

Please ask your Fraser Technologies adviser for guidance on your specialist soldering or component cleaning requirements.