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chmrs_h_full_rgb-cropResponding to the tough demands of engineering component cleaning, including the removal of greases, oils, waxes and particulate from metals and composites, more eco-sensitive vapour-phase cleaning processes are coming to the fore.

Conventional solvents have rightly come under close scrutiny, with some subject to bans and phasing out. However, new generation vapour-phase processes can offer environmentally viable alternatives to aqueous component cleaning processes, which have their own environmental impacts.

Fraser Technologies can assist you with weighing the respective merits of solvent and aqueous processes and products to provide a solution that meets your needs.

Opteon™ Sion


Opteon™ Sion™ is a powerful, safe and eco-friendly component cleaning agent. Its remarkable characteristics make it the ideal drop-in replacement for restricted chlorinated solvents such as nProply bromide (nPB) and perchloroethylene (PERC). Sion™ is…

Heat transfer/carrier fluids


Opteon™ S-Series of advanced speciality fluids by Chemours™. These include Opteon™ Sinera for heat transfer and high-voltage dielectric applications and Opteon™ Suprion for carrier fluid and lubricant deposition applications. With zero ozone depletion…

Vertrel® specialty fluids


Vertrel® specialty fluids have been developed and are proven to be ideal replacements for solvents with ozone depleting and high global warming potential. Vertrel® is perfect for…

About Chemours

chemours-home-wilmingtonChemours is a world leader in fluoroproducts, titanium technologies and chemical solutions. Focused on our differentiated portfolio of premium products positioned to help our customers respond to developed and developing market needs, it is a new company created from DuPont’s performance chemicals businesses.

Chemistry that shapes markets

As catalysts for change, Chemours develops and produce’s chemistries to make processes more efficient, products more valuable, and businesses more competitive. The company helps meet global demand for higher living standards in ways that are safer for everyone.

A company of chemistry experts

With thousands of employees and 45 manufacturing and laboratory sites (technical centres) worldwide, serving customers in over 130 countries, Chemours’ portfolio is established, diverse, and developing more each day. Key industries served include automotive, electronics and energy.