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Electronic Cleaning Fluids


 pdf-iconKlensTek® SMT

SMT Cleaner/Defluxer

 pdf-iconKlensTek® SC4

Solder paste and adhesive remover

 pdf-iconKlensTek® CFR

Cleaner and flux remover aerosol

Aqueous Cleaning Fluids


 pdf-iconKlensTek® M11-L

Aqueous spray-in-air quick-break degreaser

 pdf-iconKlensTek® M09-L

Aqueous spray-in-air quick-break oil degreaser

 pdf-iconKlensTek® M09-U

Aqueous ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing agent

 pdf-iconKlensTek® M02-C

Aqueous carbonaceous descaler/metal brightener

Solder Flux


 pdf-iconKoki JS-EU-01

Rosin Free, Ultra low residue wave soldering flux

 pdf-iconKoki JS-EU-02

Rosin Free, Low residue wave soldering flux

 pdf-iconKoki JS-E-15X

Powerful wetting wave and selective soldering flux

 pdf-iconKoki S-EU-31

Rosin Free, Low residue wave and selective soldering flux

Solvent / Heat transfer / Carrier / Speciality Fluids


pdf-iconOpteon™ Sion

Speciality fluid

pdf-iconOpteon™ Sinera

 Heat transfer fluid

pdf-iconOpteon™ Suprion

Carrier and lubricant deposition fluid

pdf-icon Vertrel® SDG

Speciality fluid – Precision cleaning and degreasing

pdf-iconVertrel® SFR

Speciality Fluid – Lead free and no clean flux removal

pdf-icon Vertrel® XP

Speciality Cleaning Fluid – Removes particulate and ionic soils

Solder Pastes


 pdf-iconKoki S3X58-M406L-3

Outstanding printability solder paste

 pdf-iconKoki S3X58-M500C-5

Remarkable wetting, anti-pillow, very low voiding

 pdf-iconKoki S3X58-M501

Halogen Free with Outstanding wetting performance

 pdf-iconKoki S3X58-A230*

Cleanable-no-clean lead free solder paste

pdf-iconKoki TB48-M742

Low melting point solder paste

pdf-iconKoki S3X58-M650-7

ICT compatible residue Solder Paste

Solder Wires


 pdf-iconKoki 72M series

Solder wires with high wettability, 4 x longer tip life

 pdf-iconKoki 3X-60NH

Halogen free, quality wetting solder wire