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One stop Trike replacement solutions

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As premier UK component cleaning experts, Fraser technologies offers:

  • Expert advice on Trike replacement
  • Complete replacement cleaning systems
  • Drop-in eco-friendly cleaning chemistries
  • Test before you buy at our trial centres

The sunset date for Trichloroethylene – a.k.a. ‘Trike’ or ‘TCE’ – as a cleaning solvent has been and gone but many are still using Trike and are looking to find an alternative solution.

Our one stop solution includes advice on the related regulatory and technical challenges complete replacement cleaning systems and/or alternative chemistries, supported by our customer Trike replacement trial centres.

Trike: what you need to consider

Time is of the essence to find the right cleaning process solution. Here are some of the key factors your need to be aware of from the regulations and statements on Trike replacement:

Enclosed systems

Under REACH regulations, if you are using Trichloroethylene in ECSA type I, II and III cleaning systems (respectively: open-top, enclosed and closed with internal air cleaning) then you must stop doing so. This means allowing ample time either to test and evaluate replacement chemistries or to consider an alternative equipment package. Some alternatives such as Perchloroethylene (PERC) and Methylene Chloride (MECL) should be treated with caution as strict DEFRA rules apply to them, and health and safety considerations need to be weighed carefully.

Type IV and V closed systems authorisation – but conditions apply

Major Trichloroethylene manufacturers have applied, with some success, for blanket authorisation for continued use of Trike after the April 2016 deadline. This has been granted only for type IV and V cleaning systems (closed, with activated carbon filtration), but subject to satisfying the conditions below by the sunset date and further arrangements after the sunset date.

Analysis of alternatives and declaration of conformity

Under the authorisation for continued use of Trike in type IV and V closed systems, end users have to undertake an analysis of alternatives and provide a declaration of conformity to their Trike supplier showing that they cannot substitute Trike. If they identify an alternative then substitution is mandatory

There are three important steps to take if you haven’t yet found an alternative cleaning agent. Our infographic will also help.

Investigate the alternatives

Tread carefully if you are considering replacing Trike with restricted solvents such as Perchloroethylene (PERC) or Methylene Chloride (MECL) as this could merely be kicking the can further down the road in health and safety and environmental terms.

We’d advise customers to consider a new-generation cleaning product, such as Opteon™ Sion by Chemours™. A drop-in, eco-friendly Trike alternative suitable for type I and II systems, Sion has comparable cleaning performance to Trike. It’s also safe in use, energy efficient and legislation compliant.

Assess the total cost of alternatives

The price per litre of alternative chemistries can mask the full picture. Other restricted solvents may be priced similarly to Trike, but this may hide their overall cost in productivity, safety, handling, storage and energy use terms. If you’re running type III systems to clean certain substrates such as titanium, you will need to replace your equipment too.

Carry out trials

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to act quickly to conduct trials of replacement chemistries with your own particular components and soil types.

That’s why our one-stop service includes free customer trial centres in the London and Edinburgh areas. There you, or we on your behalf, can test out alternative chemistries such as Opteon™ Sion , and new equipment if required, before you buy.

For more information on Trike replacement contact us

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