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Koki drives forward in Automotive Electronics Applications

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The first thought when considering the function of motor vehicles is often about engines and fuel, but in reality, especially in modern vehicles today, nearly 80% of the vehicles function is powered by electronics…

The new advanced touch screen vehicle displays and dashboard navigation and audio systems are obvious electronic features, along with mobile communication systems, lighting and power window control. But electronics also control air bag sensors and release; security sensors and audible alerts; and all powertrain controls, including engine, transmission, steering, emission, immobility and diesel EGR control. Without electronics, vehicles would be significantly lacking in some of the features we’ve grown accustomed to.

When manufacturing the electronics components of vehicles, there are some key products that make the process faster and more cost effective, and provide more precise quality control.

Our soldering solutions partner, Koki, has a variety of these products, which are particularly well-suited to the automotive industry. Their benefits include:

  • General application solder paste (S3X58-M500C-7, S3X58-G803) – this paste is powerful wetting, super low voiding, anti-pillow, and a pin-in-paste.
  • Power semiconductor (E12 series) – this is a die attach / DBC application solder paste, which provides a good alternative to solder preform for power devices (IGBT, MOSFET, etc.)
  • Low splattering (S3X58-HF912 series) – this extremely low flux and splattering paste prevents failures with CMOS image sensors, etc.
  • Low cost S1XBIG58-M500 series – This paste has especially low Ag content
  • Laser soldering (S3X58-M330D and 72M series) – these products are significantly low flux and splattering, and the 72M series is an all in one flux cored wire
  • High reliability (SB6NX series) – these products are a T/C fatigue resistant solder alloy
  • Crack free flux residue series – this series offers a moisture-proof flux residue and is anti-electromigration
  • Halogen free general application solder paste (S3X58-HF1000, S3X58-M650-7) – these pastes are powerful wetting and ICT testable

For more information about how our soldering solutions can support automotive manufacturing, get in touch with us here.

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