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Surface Mount Adhesive Solutions from Koki

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With 50 years of experience in the electronics industry, we’ve encountered every issue electronics manufacturers can face and continually help our customers to find the best solutions.

With our partner, Koki, a global pioneer in the field of soldering, we are proud to offer the most modern, reliable and effective products available. This means that we’re always at the forefront of technological innovation, and can assist with any new problems that arise as the industry develops.

One of Koki’s leading product ranges is its offering of surface mount adhesives. Used to secure and stabilise components prior to or during assembly, it is crucial these products dispense or print precisely, while holding firmly in place once applied. Koki’s adhesives offer excellent viscosity and rheology during application, while remaining incredibly stable during product assembly…

JU-50P is Koki’s surface mount adhesive for printing. It is a multi-purpose adhesive that provides consistent printability and print shape. Its stencil release is reliable whatever the pattern shape and size, and during continuous use.

JU-50P’s other benefits include:

  • Highly resistant to heat slump during continual printing and curing, resulting in improved post-printing shape retention
  • No marine pollutant
  • No transporting surcharge
  • Compliance with the REACH regulation and IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulation

We also offer Koki’s JU-110-3 surface mount adhesive for dispensing, which provides stable and tall deposits for fine pattern dispensing that ensures contact with components of any shape, even 01005 metric chips.

In addition to this, JU-110-3 offers:

  • Advanced storage stability
  • Excellent shape retention
  • Improved reliability of the wave soldering process
  • Resistance to heat slump, maintaining the height of deposits throughout the process and securely holding components in place
  • Compliance with the REACH regulation and IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulation

For more information about our range of Koki surface mount adhesives, visit our webpage here, or read more about Koki and its products here.

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