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Exciting new relationship between Koki Soldering Solutions and Mycronic UK

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Following extensive testing, Koki solder paste S3X70-E160DN, has been officially approved for global use in Mycronic high-speed jetting/dispensing machines, including in the UK. Mycronic, formerly known as MyData, are the industry-leading manufacturer of high-speed jetting/dispensing systems for solder paste, SMT pick and place equipment for PCB board assembly, SMD storage and more recently introduced SPI/AOI. The company, based in Sweden, is a trusted partner to electronics manufacturers in more than 50 countries around the world…

Of course, many electronics manufacturers were already using Koki’s jettable solder paste range in the Mycronic equipment as they have long been compatible products. This new approval removes some of the manual setup requirements previously needed, and instead a Mycronic machine will now automatically adjust the jetting parameters for the Koki paste and your production needs. As a user, all you now need to do is scan a barcode on the syringe.

Another Koki Solder paste about to complete the Mycronic approval process is our leaded SS70-E160DN. This paste uses the 2% silver leaded alloy and will be a welcome new addition to both our paste range and for customers looking for leaded alloy jetting solder pastes suitable for use in the Mycronic equipment.

At Fraser Technologies, we have 50 years of experience providing the most effective products to the electronic and manufacturing industries. We offer a wide range of high performance and technically advanced Koki soldering products, so we are very excited to be able to discuss the many advantages this approval will bring to our customers.

Our range of Koki solder pastes solve many of the common challenges that you face in manufacturing – such as poor wetting, voiding, head in pillow and bridging. These high reliability solder pastes meet our aim of product consistency, high quality and reliability. Among our extensive range:

  • Our Koki S3X58-M500C-7 lead-free solder paste offers remarkable powerful wetting, anti-pillow and very low voiding. The powerful wetting removes oxide film sufficiently, eliminating the common concern of oxidised components as a cause of soldering defects. This paste also demonstrates heat durability much longer than conventional solder pastes. In tests, it has shown durability of up to 50 seconds, whilst conventional pastes lose activation in less than 30 seconds once it had started to melt. The paste is cleanable in most processes, and offers excellent printability, stencil life and tack time.
  • The Koki S3X58-M406L-3 solder paste is specially engineered to ensure outstanding continual printability with super-fine pitch (0.4mm/16mil) and CSP (>0.25mm dia.) applications, and long stencil idle time. The excellent printability available with this paste is ideal for soldering applications requiring a long stencil abandonment time of greater than 90 minutes.
  • The latest generation of solder pastes from Koki is our S3X58-G803 which has excellent printability, powerful wetting performance and ultra-low voiding – this one really does set the low voiding standard for solder pastes!

If you are a current Mycronic system user and would like to find out more information about our approved Koki solder pastes or would like to request a sample, please contact us via our website by clicking here or email

We’re very proud to be able to partner with Koki because they share our commitment to minimising environment impact. In addition to providing top-quality products that fit unique individual manufacturing requirements, being sustainable and green is at the heart of our company ethos and plans. To become part of our ‘soldering solutions group’, just get in touch!

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