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Fraser Technologies and Koki – a match made in soldering technologies heaven

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While we have a reputation for providing expert advice, world-leading chemistries and equipment solutions for component cleaning, Fraser Technologies was actually born from electronics; supplying low voiding solder paste and other products to the electronics industry.

With over half a century of experience in this industry, we continue to provide a range of tried and tested soldering and electronics cleaning products, which address the major challenges facing the industry.

We’re proud to have an exclusive UK distributorship of Koki, the leading global soldering solutions provider, which has been pioneering and manufacturing cutting-edge soldering materials for over 50 years. Based in Tokyo, Koki is a global soldering material manufacturer and is at the forefront of technological innovation…

Koki offers the full range of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly materials, leaded and unleaded solder pastes, solder wires, liquid fluxes for both wave and selective soldering, tack fluxes for repair and rework and SMT adhesives. One of the capabilities that sets Koki apart from other suppliers is that it manufactures its own solder powder, which ensures quality and consistency across products and technologies.

A notable product developed by Koki is S3X58-G803, which is a lead-free, ultra-low voiding solder paste. The G803 solder paste is engineered so the oxide reduction reaction occurs before the solder melts or during pre-heating stage. This formula ensures stable and consistently low voiding, regardless of the metallisation condition of the component or PC board; the type or shape of the components; or the reflow profiles. (You can read more about S3X58-G803 here).

R&D is key for Koki

At its state of the art Higashimatsuyama Techno Centre (HMTC), Koki is working to create advanced joining material with innovative technologies, and its soldering technologies are enabling advancement of diversified electronics applications. The facility has numerous test vehicles for internal evaluations, allowing them to specifically test for issues like voiding and slump, and for specific applications, such as mobile devices. Solving common issues and creating solutions, like low voiding solder paste, saves businesses time and money and can have a major impact on efficiencies within the industry.

Recently, Koki has developed a new joining technology for power electronic devices. Thermal management is vital in power devices (IGBTs and power MOSFETs) that are widely applied to domestic and industrial inverters and railroads. Koki’s technology contributes to a more consistent quality with a significantly lower cost production.

This focus on research and development underpins a level of forward-thinking; commitment to customer service and passion for the product that is shared by Koki and Fraser Technologies. Koki’s approach to developing new soldering technologies comes from their customer-oriented inspiration and vast experience; which are our areas of focus too.

The sustainable solution

At the most fundamental level, the team at Koki believes that one of the most important objectives is for humans to protect the earth. This ethos, shared wholeheartedly by us at Fraser Technologies, leads the company to work on reducing environmental burdens and contribute to realising a society based on sustainable development.

Koki’s commitment to continuously improving its environment management system and enabling its customers to do the same is a key reason why it is such a trusted supplier of soldering technologies. Their high performance, wide variety of products, and consistent quality is matched by their ability to provide swift and excellent service. This includes a range of high performance halogen-free solder pastes that foresee legislative changes on environmental issues to meet the needs of customers before they arise.

With sustainability in mind, one of the areas where there will be significant growth in the near future is the electric vehicle market – an area we’ve been focusing on in the heat transfer and carrier fluid side of our business. Governments around the world, including the UK, are mandating a switch from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Koki has been an industry leader in developing the specialist equipment and products needed to clean the necessary components of this technology.

A partnership approach

Fraser Technologies has unrivalled experience in this area. We pride ourselves on being much more than a distributor or product provider; we are also technical experts with decades of knowledge on how to achieve the best results possible. We work closely with our customers on an individual basis to trial and perfect the cleaning materials and products needed to ensure the customer receives the solution that works best for them.

This partnership with Koki allows us to identify the correct high-quality product that matches our customers’ exacting manufacturing or engineering requirements. Koki’s quality and R&D – along with their commitment to the environment – means that everybody is satisfied, from the purchaser to the planet.

Please get in touch for information about the superior Koki products that Fraser Technologies supplies, or call us on 01506 443 058.

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