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Stunning ‘New’ Koki Halogen-Free solder paste with all-round high performance

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Koki has just released the definitive solder paste. This new halogen-free solder paste incorporates powerful wetting and flux coagulation techniques in just one paste, creating an excellent, all-round soldering performance for general purpose applications.

The S3X58-HF1100 Koki solder paste will help your company push ahead with environmental and sustainability commitments without sacrificing superior quality or performance. The paste, newly developed by the pioneering soldering experts, is certified as halogen-free and Koki has successfully removed all halogen from its formula without compromising the performance of the product. Koki shares Fraser Technologies’ forward-looking pledge to protect the planet and meet the needs of customers before legislative changes demand it…

In addition to the exceptional environmental commitment that comes with being halogen-free, the S3X58-HF1100 Koki solder paste has excellent performance across a wide range of features, including:

  • Extremely powerful wetting technique that performs as well as halogen containing paste types, and regardless of surface finish
  • effective solder meltability under various conditions due to expertly adapted flux formulation
  • a stable oxidation prevention layer with antioxidant protects solder particle from being oxidised and suppresses continued oxidation over time

These effects reduce the amount of activator required for oxidation prevention, saving costs, and the activator capping technique allows maximum activation strength when the solder is molten.

Halogen-free solder paste improves efficiency

The flux formulation is specifically designed to exhibit enhanced flux coagulation just as the solder starts to melt, and solder performance benefits hugely by the instant coagulation and evacuation of the liquefied flux when the solder gets molten. This enhanced flux coagulation technique combines powerful wetting with ICT compatibility, extremely low flux splattering, and low voiding when applied to a variety of components.

Whilst the flux residue on a conventional solder paste can disturb smooth wetting, the fast flux coagulation of this paste enhances smooth solder wetting. As minimal flux residue remains on the surface of the solder fillet, it ensures easy and secure pin content and improves overall speed and efficiency.

The S3X58-HF1100 Koki solder paste also promises excellent printing, idle time and tack time. It has strong electrical reliability with superior insulation resistance and good compatibility with conformal coatings.

Fraser Technologies offers product trials and a personalised customer service to ensure this product is absolutely right for your business and performance requirements. For more information about this Koki solder paste and the full range of Koki products that we supply, get in touch by clicking here or email us directly at or call 01506 443 058.

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