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Can your battery stand the heat?

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The battery industry is on the cusp of a power revolution with technology companies looking for new innovative heat transfer products to help with battery development and energy storage.

We offer the latest range of new generation Speciality fluids from Chemours, which are proving to be an excellent contender within the heat transfer fluid market. The new Opteon™ SF heat transfer fluids are non-flammable, offer excellent stability and provide superior heat removal in dielectric applications, with an environmentally friendly footprint.

We work closely with Chemours, which has developed this range with performance and environmental sustainability in mind. The Opteon™ product portfolio includes heat transfer fluids for many different applications and temperatures ranging from -90°C to 250°C.

The fastest and most effective way to cool a battery is direct fluid contact with a dielectric fluid, known as immersion. These fluids can be either be used as single phase, pumped much like current heat exchanger systems, or employed as a simple two-phase system with condensing and evaporation.

Immersion cooling using Opeteon™ SF fluids answers the need for a safe battery; it provides the most efficient heat transfer using non-conductive and non-flammable fluids while also enhancing safety. Alternative liquids, such as PAO oils and silicone-based fluids are potential candidates, but the Chemours Opteon™ SF products provide up to 30% higher heat removal performance in a single-phase system. This offers a much more efficient heat transfer process as the coolant gets closer to the heart of the heat.

Additionally, by using two-phased immersion cooling systems, the latent heat during phase change is significantly larger than liquid thermal conductivity and thus provides a more uniform temperature across the entire battery pack.

We work with a number of well-known manufacturers to ensure that their systems are efficient, utilising Chemours Opteon™ Speciality Fluids in a variety of applications, including component cleanliness, lubrication and carrier fluid, as well as the cleaning and cooling of EV batteries.

If you want to learn more about Opteon™ SF heat transfer fluids, component cleanliness and lubrication – and hear how we can help to ensure your systems are working as efficiently as they should be – come along to see our technical experts at Battery Tech Expo. The exhibition is taking place at The Wing, Silverstone on 12 October 2021.

Graham Fraser and Roy Goshawk will be on stand 46/59 to answer all your battery-related questions!

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