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Overcoming soldering challenges – Solder Paste Printing & Defect Guide

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We’re proud to feature in What’s New in Electronics’ (WNIE) latest Solder Paste Printing & Defect Guide, which you can read here, discussing how we help customers with overcoming soldering challenges. Created by WNIE and Bob Willis, a soldering expert who provides training and consultancy services in the electronics industry, the guide illustrates solder paste printing defects often seen in surface mount manufacture. In our article, on pages 12-13 of the guide, we look at some of the most common soldering issues and how we can solve them using Koki solder paste and solder wire.

We are the exclusive distributors of Koki in the UK, and provide electronics manufacturing customers with soldering solutions from the global leader in the field. Based in Tokyo, Koki has been pioneering and manufacturing cutting-edge soldering materials for over 50 years and leads the way on technological innovation.

Some of Koki’s leading soldering solutions, which we discuss in this year’s Defect Guide, will solve the most common challenges faced by the industry, without compromising on quality.

Some of these issues include:

  • Poor wettability
  • Tip erosion
  • Voiding

Thanks to Koki’s 72M series of solder wires, which have a new activator and a resin composition allowing better flux coverage to improve wettability, you can more than double soldering speed to save time and improve efficiency compared to competitors’ products. Koki’s R&D and technical innovation in this field, and the special un-leaded alloys it uses in the 72M series, have also led to the minimisation of solder tip erosion and can extend the life of soldering iron tips by up to four times.

Koki also leads the way on solder pastes and its S3X58-G803, lead-free, ultra-low voiding solder paste is engineered to significantly reduce trapped flux and therefore voiding.

Recognising these benefits, over 98% of our customers have switched to the 72M series, and are now seeing impressive results from Koki’s product range for overcoming soldering challenges. Contact us to find out more about how these products can improve your soldering experience too.

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