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Spend to save in 2022

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Graham Fraser, MD at Fraser Technologies, discusses how 2022 is the right time to invest in solvent cleaning equipment and technology.

A brand new year has begun, and there seems to be a feeling of optimism in the air. After two years of uncertainty caused by the onset of COVID-19, we hope we’ve turned a corner and are learning to live with the virus rather than be controlled by it.

People are returning to offices, travel restrictions are easing and we find ourselves in a different world. In the last two years, people and industry have changed – there’s a renewed focus on sustainability post COP26 and today’s challenges include staff and skills shortages, and much longer lead times…

As we reflect on all we have learned in this period and look to the future, the answer to many problems is more automation, lower maintenance and an investment in technology. The manufacturing industry has two years of catching up to do, and after a period of little investment, the time is right to consider capital spend. As lead times continue to be extended – and as more businesses recognise the need to buy new equipment and machinery – getting in early is key.

Why now?

A 2022 purchase allows businesses to take advantage of the “super-deduction” policy that was announced in last year’s budget. This temporary policy allows companies to claim 130% capital allowances on plant and machinery investments until March 2023.

The Chancellor also announced a 50% first-year allowance for special rate (including long life) assets that ordinarily qualify for a 6% special rate writing down allowance. Taken together, these policies provide a strong financial incentive for businesses to make additional investments, and to accelerate the rate of planned investments.

New solvent cleaning equipment and a reassessment of products and processes can also help business to reduce carbon emissions and meet net zero goals. Cleaning solvents were historically guilty of very high global warming potential (GWP). However, there is a new generation of solvents which have been developed specifically with the environment in mind and are far less harmful than comparable solutions.

We recently worked with an aerospace manufacturer to find an alternative to the high-GWP solvent they were using. We switched their solvent and upgraded their equipment, and assisted in optimising their processes to reduce solvent consumption. This resulted in a 28% reduction in their overall usage of solvent, saving them around £30,000 per year and significantly reducing their carbon emissions.

At Fraser Technologies, we have the expertise to assess your individual business needs and select the best solvent cleaning equipment and speciality fluids for you to make this investment. For over 50 years, we have been delivering chemical solutions to UK manufacturing across a range of industries. As an independent supplier of equipment and chemicals we are able to work with you to provide the solvent or aqueous cleaning systems that best suit your business.

For more information about the products we offer and how we can meet your business needs, get in touch by clicking here today!

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