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Meet the Team – Roy Goshawk, Sales Manager

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It’s time to get to know the team at Fraser Technologies and next up is Roy Goshawk. Roy has been Sales Manager at Fraser Technologies for more than eight years, and is officially known as the precision cleaning & electronics guru! Below, we ask him a few questions about his background, how he supports customers, and how he sees the industry evolving…

What is your role at Fraser Technologies?

Over 8 years ago, initially, I concentrated on the electronics industry. My main role was introducing customers to our range of soldering materials from Koki, a leading Japanese manufacturer that produces soldering pastes and wires of the highest standard. We also offer cleaning equipment from Miele with complementary chemistry for flux removal.

Over the years my focus has evolved to include our full product range. In particular, our supply of mechanical parts cleaning processes and related equipment has grown significantly in recent years across all industries.

What is your background and how long have you worked in the industry?

Originally, back in the late 80s, I was on the other side of the desk as a process and production engineer in the aerospace and defence sectors. From there I moved into technical sales and support for electronics manufacturing and cleaning equipment manufacturing. I eventually moved into a technical sales role within the electronics industry and eventually, this incorporated metal parts vapour degreasing and aqueous cleaning systems.

What sectors and clients do you work with?

We work with multiple industries, from aerospace and automotive to electronics and medical components. Generally, we can support most manufacturers as we aim to create bespoke solutions to suit every individual requirement.

What sets Fraser Technologies from other suppliers, is that we build solid working relationships with our customers to support them not only in the cleaning evaluation process, but also by keeping them up to date with legislation, environmental issues, and providing service support for their equipment and processes. This is true across all the industrial sectors; our ethos works with everyone, large or small, and has done so for over 50 years.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy getting in front of customers, solving problems and the fact that every day is different. The old saying, ‘variety is the spice of life’ fits very well for my role!

We work with a wide range of customers, from small, independent businesses to large multi-nationals. They cover everything from a weaving company to leading international aerospace engine manufacturers. And we’ve worked with many of our customers for years, so we build up a great understanding and rapport. It’s a busy job, but a very pleasant one.

What are some of the biggest challenges you see customers facing?

Over the years there have been some common issues faced by multiple customers, especially when considering change. Most of the cleaning solvents customers were accustomed to using chemicals, which have now been banned for environmental and/or health and safety reasons and need to be replaced. These solvents worked well as cleaners and were relatively inexpensive, so changing to newer and safer, but more expensive options, is a hard decision.

However, we work very closely with customers to offer a detailed cleaning process solution, and we go to great lengths to offer the best solution for their needs, with a special emphasis on cost of ownership. We also know that the quality of our products can often reduce costs overall due to improved efficiency. An investment now can save costs longer term.

New legislation is often the driver for change, so it is key that we keep customers up to date with how these changes affect them; what products they can use; and in what equipment they can use it. Most recently, there has been a big push to recognise and reduce CO2 emissions globally. This is something we have a lot of experience in, and we have products with proven results.

How do you think the industry has changed/evolved over time?

Things are always changing; it’s one of the things that keeps life interesting. There are a lot of discussions regarding electric vehicles for example, and we have significant expertise in this industry, especially in the development side.

LEDs have come a long way, and you see them in everything now, from cars to torches and streetlights, who knows what they will be lighting up next! We supply a range of soldering products to support the manufacture of LEDs and other lighting products.

Whatever is around the corner, we will be there to help build it and clean it.

What big changes do you predict over the next five years?

I don’t have a crystal ball of course, but legislation has been key over the last five years and I’m sure that isn’t going to change.

Probably the biggest driver will be environmental concerns. Everyone will need to think about reducing their CO2 emissions in order to meet the national and international reduction targets agreed at COP26. Many companies don’t appreciate how significant their contributions are, and how much change will be required to meet these targets.

There will be a lot of educating over the coming months and years as businesses look to reduce impact and correct standard practices that are environmentally damaging. For example, many competitor cleaning solvents have a GWP of over 40, while our Opteon™ SF80 from Chemours has a GWP of less than 2. And on top of its environmental performance, it’s actually a better cleaner! On the KB Value scale, it is ranked at 100 vs approximately 50-55 for the competitor product.

You can read more about GWP and how it relates to CO2 emissions here.

We don’t have to make big changes to make a big difference, and our team is here to support customers through the transition to more environmentally friendly practices.

To find out more about Fraser Technologies’ products and services, contact us.

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