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New aqueous cleaning system arrives at Fraser Technologies

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Earlier this year, Fraser Technologies announced its newest piece of cleaning equipment: the SlimLine PLW 6011 & PLW 6111 aqueous cleaning systems from Miele Professional.

Now that the Miele demo unit has arrived at the Livingston head office, the team can begin to offer its customers live trials of this new aqueous cleaning process technology.

The Miele SlimLine PLW 6011 & PLW 6111 aqueous cleaning machine are single chamber aqueous cleaning systems. At only 65cm in width, the footprint is small but it provides a large and flexible internal chamber space. This size and flexibility allows a variety of components to be cleaned – highly efficiently – all at once with a smart load system.

The cleaning system’s intelligent controls are flexible and include a wide range of load carriers and accessories, including the new dedicated adjustable PCB inserts for greater load capacity for electronic applications.

The illuminated wash chamber and glass door allows visual monitoring of the process and importantly, the single chamber system offers time and cost-saving efficiencies.

Suitable for a variety of components and specialist cleaning applications in the automotive, medical devices and aerospace industries, the Miele SlimLine PLW 6011 & PLW 6111 are especially effective for flux removal, in particular for electronic PCB assemblies. Aqueous cleaning solutions like those used in this system can be applied to a variety of metals such as copper, stainless steel, and brass to remove grease, cutting fluids and general particulate.

Aqueous cleaning results

Fraser Technologies has already completed a number of successful customer trials with the system and now has a fast growing customer base for the new Miele system.

One of Fraser Technologies’ customers is a specialist in the assembly of PCBs, which recently placed an order for the company’s Koki solder paste. They did not previously have a cleaning process in place to clean their very complex PCBs, but were so impressed by the results of the Miele system in their trials that they placed an order immediately.

Another customer, a leading defense systems manufacturer, had previously used an inline batch cleaning system. After running this process for many years, they decided to move to the new Miele system, saving time and space, reducing energy costs, and increasing efficiency.

Get in touch with Fraser Technologies for more information about the Miele SlimLine PLW 6011 & PLW 6111 aqueous cleaning machine, the available trials, and how the system can work for you.

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