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Are you a 3M® user? Start to find a suitable alternative solvents now

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You may have heard the latest information from 3M® that they will exit from the manufacturing of Cleaning solvents in the near future. If you are a current 3M® cleaning solvent product user you will need to start to find 3M® alternative solvents.  Find out what steps you have to take below…

What is the update from 3M®?

3M® have announced that they will stop manufacturing the Novec HFE materials by the end of 2025. Please click here to see a copy of the notice. They also have stated in a letter sent to all their customers that they cannot guarantee supply and that current users should be looking at alternatives as quickly as possible.

Are you a current 3M® user? If yes what does the update from 3M® mean for you?

While there are no immediate issues with supply it would be prudent to consider your options before the supply of the 3M® materials becomes an issue. Frasers can help with direct drop in alternatives to the Novec materials as well as alternative technologies such as water wash and solvent recovery systems etc.

What alternatives are available for me to switch to?

There are a few direct drop in alternatives available, but it should be noted that many of these contain HFE materials manufactured by 3M®. These can sometimes be hidden away and not openly declared so it is important to know what is in any alternative you are considering and the source of these materials. Frasers can assist with evaluating your current application and offer free advice on legal compliance and safe, available alternatives such as the Chemours Opteon speciality fluids which are direct drop in alternatives.

What to be aware of before you switch?

Suitability of equipment, material compatibility, product performance and legal compliance are just some of the key areas to look at here. At Frasers we can run application trials with suitable alternatives and advise on alternative chemistries and or equipment if relevant.

When do I need to make the switch?

You can either be proactive and line up suitable alternatives in advance or wait until supply ends or is interrupted. The choice is yours but, but supply will stop and switching systems can sometime take time, so allow time for this. If you are not wanting to make any immediate changes that will be ok, but we would definitely suggest putting this into your diary for January 2024.

What shall I do now?

We are currently offering free 3M® switch reviews for any customers who are wanting some advice on when they should make their switch and how the process would work for them as remember every application is different. Contact us today to get this in your diary.

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