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An Interview with Roy Goshawk, Sales Manager at Fraser Technologies: 10 years with Fraser Technologies and why the component cleaning industry still excites him so much

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Meet Roy Goshawk, Sales Manager at Fraser Technologies, an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in account management and business development at Fraser Technologies. This October marks a significant milestone in Roy’s journey as he celebrates his remarkable ten-year anniversary with the company…

Roy Goshawk, Sales Manager at Fraser Technologies, career began in the aerospace industry, where he took on the role of a process/production engineer for a major aerospace manufacturer. However, his curiosity and ambition led him to explore the technical support side of the industry. He transitioned into the electronics sector, initially working directly for a solder paste manufacturer as a European Technical Support Manager. Following this was beginning of his sales endeavours, as he also engaged in selling equipment for PCB assembly.

With a passion for sales and a deep understanding of customer needs, Roy moved to Kerry Ultrasonics, where he honed his skills for a year and a half before finding his home at Fraser Technologies. Starting as a Sales Manager, Roy’s role gradually expanded to encompass business development responsibilities. He played a crucial part in identifying and sourcing complementary products that align with Fraser’s core range, enhancing the offerings available to their valued customers.

Having dedicated years to the industry, Roy has acquired an intimate understanding of customer needs within specific sectors. He excels in problem-solving, finding tailored solutions to the challenges customers may face. As a Sales Manager, his primary focus is nurturing and supporting Fraser’s growing client base. While the company’s headquarters reside in Scotland, Roy takes charge of managing clients across the central and southern regions of the UK, spanning from Newcastle downwards.

Beyond professional relationships, Roy has cultivated lasting friendships with many of Fraser’s long-standing customers. His commitment to their success goes beyond the initial sale; he provides steadfast support during new cleaning process searches, breakdowns, or changes in cleaning specifications. Roy actively engages in trials and assists clients with implementing any desired modifications.

Roy’s role extends beyond maintaining existing relationships. Armed with Fraser’s sterling reputation in the engineering cleaning industry, he tirelessly seeks new business opportunities. His dedication and the company’s strong standing make this pursuit a rewarding endeavour.

In Roy’s own words, “Working in this industry for so long has granted me the insight to discern what matters most to customers within different sectors. Finding solutions to their challenges is paramount.” His expertise, combined with his genuine care for customers, has solidified Roy as an invaluable asset to Fraser Technologies. As he commemorates a decade of dedication, Roy continues to shape the company’s success and exemplify the spirit of innovation and partnership.

Read more of Roy’s own words in his interview Q&A:

Roy’s Interview

How long have you work for Fraser Technologies?

In October I will be celebrating my ten year anniversary with Fraser Technologies. I can honestly say the last decade has flown but I have enjoyed watching the company grow and being part of the team.

How has your career developed here at Fraser Technologies?

I started my career within the aerospace industry however one the other side of the desk as a process/production engineer for a large aerospace manufacturer. I’ve spent most of my sales career in the electronics side of the industry, where I moved on to work directly for a solder paste manufacturer as a European Technical Support Manager for PCB assembly. I then made my move into a sales role for Kerry Ultrasonics where I stayed for 18 months before joining Frasers. I began my career at FT as a Sales Manager but over the year my role has expended to include business development responsibilities as we try to source complimentary products for our customers which support our core range of products. When you work in this industry for so long you get to learn what is important for customer within certain sectors and potentially what problems they my face to finding solutions for them is critical.

What role do you now play in Fraser Technologies?

As a sales manager my most critical role is to support and look after our ever expanding client base. With our head office being based in Scotland I tend to manage the customers we have in the central/southern part of UK, anything from Newcastle downwards! The MD Graham tends to look after everything above that. Many of the long standing customers we have at Frasers I have been fortunate to get to know very well and some of which have turn into friends. I support all of my customer during not only when they are searching for a new cleaning process but also during if any breakdowns occur or changes in their cleaning specifications, I conduct trials for them and assist them with any changes they may want to introduce. I also obviously search for new business opportunities for Frasers and I have to say the reputation Frasers have in the cleaning industry does may this a little easier for me!

What do you enjoy about your role?

The biggest thing I enjoy is that genuinely no two days are the same! Some days I can conducting trials in our lab, other days I can be stood in the middle of an aerospace manufacturers production line and finally I can also have my head in a cleaning machine conducting a repair. The biggest area of satisfaction I get form this role in genuinely solving customers problems. When it comes to cleaning processes they can become very complex very quickly, but they are a critical part of any production line and the results have to be exact, so customers are looking for very technical help and expertise and I feel this is where Frasers excels themselves.

What excites you about working for Fraser Technologies?

The team I work with at Frasers is great, we all have our own skills to offer and genuinely work together like a family! This business has been running or over 55 years and you can tell when we all get together for sales meetings in the office, we have a great laugh together! The variety of new opportunities which arrive at my door every day is something I relish, but the biggest excitement for me is getting in my van and travelling all of the country to visit my customers old and new and offer them assistance, expertise and the latest new generation chemicals I know will do the job perfectly!

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