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Component cleaning comes in many forms – from water-based solutions through to solvents. The challenge is in finding the best solution for your particular application. Fraser Technologies has the expertise to assess your needs, evaluate your options, test and select the best equipment and chemistries to do the job you need. Effectively.

Fraser Technologies can help choose between aqueous and solvent cleaning processes

Solvent Cleaning

For the best part of 100 years solvents processes were the preferred option over aqueous, until environmental and H&S concerns caused many solvent materials to be removed from use. Many applications are best suited to solvent cleaning however, and the often inferior performance of aqueous processes has been an issue with manufacturers.

With the introduction of new generation solvents such as the Opteon™ range from Chemours™ this process has once again become a viable, safe and very cost-effective option – fast becoming a favoured choice.

Solvents can be considered a ‘dry’ cleaning option making water-sensitive, or difficult to dry components ideal for this sort of process. There are other benefits such as: lower capital equipment costs than with comparable water based systems, smaller equipment foot print, low cost of ownership and ease of use.

Our evaluation service will assess solvent suitability for your application.

Aqueous Cleaning

Aqueous cleaning comes in many forms – from a bucket and brush through to fully automated process cleaning. The choice of chemicals on offer can be overwhelming but with careful selection wonderful results can be achieved using water based solutions and the right choice of equipment. From spray wash through to ultrasonic systems we can deliver sustainable, safe and efficient cleaning processes for many applications.

Fraser Technologies’ technical engineers can assess your application, evaluating a wide range of chemical and equipment options and their associated benefits, to ensure you get what is best for your application. We can also work with you to establish benchmarks, and best fit with existing production environments.

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