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Aqueous cleaning is a low cost, environmentally friendly method of cleaning a wide variety of components. The process uses less hazardous materials to wash even the most stubborn contaminants to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are achieved. The cost of waste disposal is of equal concern and the lower they can be the better.

With increasing pressure from industry to deliver cleaner, environmentally friendly products it is important that customers cannot only show but can technically prove just how clean their products are.

When deciding which aqueous solution is right for your requirement the first step is to determine what contaminants require cleaning, followed by what level of cleaning is deemed acceptable. There are varying standards relating to levels of cleanliness in different industries but the end goals are all the same; clean components and clean parts reduce lead time, improve processes resulting in higher efficiency, lower costs, extend the lifetime of equipment and more importantly result in a happy end customer.

At Fraser Technologies, our in-house technical expertise and free trial service enable users to try and test a variety of aqueous solutions to suit their needs. As well as supplying the physical solution we provide on-going support designed to help you achieve your goals.

Aqueous Applications

For fast effective removal of medium to heavy soils including cutting fluids, grease and general particulate – the process allows for oils to be separated out, leaving behind water with little or no hydrocarbon content. Aqueous cleaning is effective across multiple metals including steel, brass, copper and stainless steel.

Aqueous Chemistries

This specialist range of metal cleaning agents has been designed to meet the challenges of the industry and the stringent environmental and safety standards. The KlensTec range provides best-in-class performance across a number of applications.

Aqueous Equipment

Due to the wide variety of applications, we have a wide range of equipment available. We can help determine the best fit for your purposes to ensure you have a fast, effective cleaning cycle. We can offer bespoke systems for non standard requirements too.

As experts in the field, Fraser Technologies have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our clients’ industries and sectors. Our insights and independent recommendations are based on over 55 years experience, and rigorous analysis of the options available to you.

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