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Aqueous cleaning is an effective method of component cleaning that can help improve productivity, save money and enhance efficiency. It is effective across multiple metals including steel, brass, copper and stainless steel, with fast effective removal medium to heavy soils including cutting fluids, grease and general particulate.

With water as the primary solvent, it is possible to add surfactants and detergents, emulsifiers, inhibitors and other agents to tailor the solution to your needs. Altering the pH can remove different substances – for example scale, rust, metal oxides are best removed with an acidic aqueous solution. However, an alkaline solution is better able to remove salts, organic soils, metal chips, and grease and can work effectively within a range of temperatures. 

Whilst soaking may work for some substances – heat, pressure or agitation is applied to clean harder-to–remove contaminants. Ultrasonic processes rely on a high frequency sound wave to produce bubbles to help dissolve and displace the targeted contaminants. 

A thorough understanding of the contamination on the parts is essential as a starting point, before auditing processes and considering equipment and chemistries. 

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