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Solvent Cleaning comes in many forms from alcohol based flammable solvent, hazardous chlorinated & brominated solvents, as well as the safer fluorinated products and many factors such as Health & Safety and Environmental performance can affect the choice. Used in aerosols for hand cleaning, liquid flushing systems and vapour degreasing the choice is varied and can be confusing.

Whatever the application or delivery method in use, a safe, non-flammable solvents is preferable. Here at Fraser Technologies we can help you select the best solvent for your application and walk you through the options offering free trial and demonstrations to insure you have the best possible solution for your application.

Solvent Applications

Solvent cleaning is perfectly suited to many high value, low volume applications across the aerospace, automotive, optical, medical and other precision engineering requirements. The process can be faster and more cost effective than aqueous solutions.

Solvent Chemistries

The new generation of solvents can now offer a practical, safe and cost effective alternative cleaning process. The OpteonTM range of products offers a range of high-performing chemistries whilst conforming to all the latest environmental and safety standards.

Solvent Equipment

The simple process of cleaning, rinsing and drying your components typically takes place beneath the sealed lid of a single-access or multi-tank system – thus minimising and loss of solvent during operation. See the full range of equipment available.

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