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Solvent Cleaning is best suited to applications where the removal of oils, cutting fluids, wax, polishing compound and particulate are critical. The process is relatively quick (in comparison to aqueous cleaning) and benefits from:

  • a small foot print
  • low capital investment
  • low energy consumption

It is an ideal solution to today’s high value, low volume manufacturing applications and has been widely adopted across the aerospace, automotive, optical, medical, precision machining, and turned parts industries.

Applications include:


Medical Scalpel bladesPolishing compounds and cutting fluids
Aircraft Engine ComponentsOil, Grease, particulate and pre-and post NDT
Automotive Hydraulic componentsMachining fluids, particulate and preservative oils
Satellite ComponentsLight particulate and fingerprints
Oxygen System ComponentsMachining fluids, particulate and preservative oils
Printed Circuit Board CleaningFlux removal
Aerosol carrier fluidsCleaning and degreasing
Optical lensesPitch, Paint, Polishing compounds, Particulate
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