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Fraser Technologies – Your one stop-solution

Evaluate, Supply, Support – three words that sum up our value-enhancing services for our customers. The supply and installation of quality component cleaning equipment and chemistries lie at their heart, but they include far more.

Our evaluation services encompass: analytical services, component cleaning process audits and process optimisation, as well as cleaning trials and demonstrations.

Analytical services

We can carry out analytical tests on your existing chemistry to ensure the appropriate process chemistry controls are in place. Available tests include cleaning chemistry compatibility, chemistry concentration, and soil loading.

Benefits of undertaking cleanliness tests on cleaning processes include:

  • Evaluate the performance of cleaning process
  • Optimise the cleaning process
  • Evaluate and compare alternative processes
  • Ensure quality of components to customers
  • Determine repeatability of a process
  • Minimise scrap
  • Optimise performance
  • Minimise costs

Our extensive range of tests include:

  • Ion Chromatography
  • Particulate testing (solvent extract, filter and microscopic examination)
  • FT-IR Analysis
  • Gas chromatography
  • NVR
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometry
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Contact Angle
  • Rose Testing
  • Reports

For further information or to arrange a test, please contact us on 01506 443 058 or E:

Process Audits

We undertake cleaning process audits in which we firstly examine and evaluate your current cleaning processes in detail.

We then recommend process adjustments and optimal cleaning chemistries to maximise the productivity of your cleaning application.

Cleaning Trials

Our two in-house trial and demonstration facilities include multi-stage aqueous and large and small vapour phase cleaning and degreasing systems.

The facilities allow us to evaluate a range of equipment and/or chemistries on your behalf, allowing you to put products to the test before committing to purchase. We can also assist you with setting up trials at your own facilities.

Beyond selling products. Excelling.

At Fraser Technologies, we go beyond selling component cleaning equipment and chemistries and soldering products. We reflect this not only in our evaluation and aftercare services, but in how we supply our products to you.


Many of our products are available ex-stock and can be supplied on a next-day delivery basis.


Our Warranties and Guarantees are dependent on what items are purchased and when. For more information contact us at the time of purchase.

Delivering what you need, when you need it

To assist with your inventory management, you can arrange with us to supply your cleaning chemistries or soldering products on a just-in-time delivery basis. This helps ensure you receive the products you need, when you need them.

ISO standards

All of Fraser Technologies’ activities are covered by quality and environmental management systems which are certified respectively to ISO 9001 quality systems standard and ISO 14001 environmental management system: further reassurance to our customers that we operate to the highest standards.


FraserServ Partner. Keeping your parts cleaning process productive.

We recognise that your priorities are to keep process productivity levels high at the lowest feasible cost. We also realise that no two precision cleaning processes are the same, and that no ‘one-size-fits-all’ service programme would work.

That’s why we have designed the FraserServ Partner range of tiered service and preventative maintenance programmes. These will help keep your parts cleaning processes maintained at a level that ensures a high return on your investment, while staying abreast of health and safety and environmental legislation.

FraserServ service plans

The FraserServ Partner range of tiered service and preventative maintenance programmes encompasses four options, complementing each customer’s own capabilities.

Each FraserServ Partner package comes with a set level of service and audit visits per year. All are backed by unlimited telephone and email support, to help keep your cleaning process operating safely, smoothly and with optimum performance.

With operator training provided, we’ll help you to stay on top of important details. These include keeping your cleaning chemistry usage economic, and the detection and repair of any fluid leaks.

FraserServ Partner packages are integral to contracts in which Fraser Technologies is the main supplier of cleaning chemistries. Estimates are available on application for FraserServ packages where we are not the main chemistry supplier.

Options also available: extended equipment warranty and service plans, and full system cleanouts.


Bespoke Services

Our choice of tiered service plans covers the vast majority of service and maintenance requirements. Situations will arise where one of these may not fit a more specialised requirement, in which case we will work with you to understand your precise needs and design the most appropriate service plan.

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