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In Heat Transfer applications the commercial uses of Opteon™ SF10 specialty fluid include single phase specialty fluid for semiconductor manufacturing, brine coolant, dielectric fluid, fuel cells, reactor cooling fluids, heat exchangers, dryers, turbines, heat pumps, and test fluid for leaks in devices (i.e., bubble tests). The recommended operating temperature range in heat transfer applications is -80 to 105 °C (-112 to 221 °F).

As a carrier fluid, typical applications would include use as a cleaning agent, carrier fluid in coatings and adhesives, or as an aerosol solvent.

Opteon™ SF10 is nonflammable, and does not become flammable during typical use conditions, boiling or evaporation. The material is thermally stable to more than 175C and has been found to have a safe toxicity profile in mammalian studies. Additional benefits include

  • Comparable heat transfer performance offers seamless retrofits without any process upsets, eliminating the need for adjusting or re-validating process centerlines and set points
  • Miscibility with other fluids allows drop-in replacement to phase out high GWP fluids
  • Low density guarantees more solvent for the same fill weight; hence, low cost of ownership
  • Low viscosity provides significant cost saving in power consumption, resulting in further low cost of ownership
  • Low dielectric constant supports direct cooling of energized equipment by immersion
  • High exposure limit is desirable for worker safety

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