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Calling all Trike/PERC/MECL users!

The sunset date for Trichoroethylene (Trike or TCE) as a cleaning solvent has been and gone but many are still using Trike and are looking to find an alternative solution.  Those with Type IV or V cleaning systems were granted blanket authorisation to continue using Trike, subject to strict conditions, which may soon be under review.

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Some will have switched to alternative chemistries such as Perchloroethylene (PERC) and Methylene Chloride (MECL) but these should also be viewed with extreme caution as strict DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) rules apply to them, and health and safety considerations need to weighed carefully.

Fraser Technologies recommends Opteon™ SF80® by Chemours – a powerful, safe and eco-friendly component cleaning agent. Its remarkable characteristics make it the ideal drop-in replacement for restricted chlorinated solvents such as Trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene (PERC), Methylene Chloride (MECL), high GWP fluorinated solvents HFC and HFEs and nProply bromide (nPB) – in the majority of applications.

With no compromise on cleaning power, Opteon™ SF79® was first choice for many manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive industries for replacing Trike in 2016 with a safer, compliant solvent. Chemours™ has since launched SF80®, with an even lower GWP and this has now become the preferred product for all old generation solvent replacements.

Here’s why – the solvent comparison table below demonstrates that SF80® has an exceptionally low GWP* of any new generation solvent (<2.5 compared to old generation solvents which has GWP of over 11,000), combined with lower Risk Phrase and high cleaning power 99kb. And, looking forward, there will be no EU 2014 F-gas regulation restrictions looming.

* GWP (Global Warming Potential) was developed to allow comparison of the global warming impacts of different gases. Specifically it measures how much energy the emission of a gas will absorb, relative to CO2 over a specified period. The larger the GWP the more that a given gas warms the Earth compared to CO2. 1kg of CO2 = GWP of 1.

Evaluate, Supply & Support

Our one-stop solution includes advice on the regulatory and technical challenges, complete replacement cleaning systems and/or alternative chemistries, supported by our customer trial centres.

  • expert advice on Trike replacement
  • complete replacement cleaning systems
  • drop in eco-friendly cleaning chemistries
  • test before you buy at our local centres

Solvent Comparison Table

GWPKB ValueBP °CSG Specific GravityTLVRisk phaseF-gas based solvent
Opteon™ SF80<2.599471.29202R20No
Vertrel SDG14895431.28200R20Yes
Vertrel SFR264101411.28200R20Yes
Methylene Chloride0.38136401.3350R40No

Please note: The information above has been supplied by Fraser Technologies and is believed to be reliable. It is intended for use by persons having technical skill, at their own risk. Since conditions of use are outside our control, we make no warranties, expressed or implied and assume no liability in connection with any use of this information.

Part of the new Opteon™ New Generation speciality fluids by Chemours™, SF80® is:

  • An easy drop-in alternative to restricted solvents
  • Cost-effective in use – energy-saving and inherently stable, needing no acid testing, stabiliser maintenance, solvent monitoring or vapour extraction
  • Ultra Eco-friendly, with exceptionally low global warming potential (GWP) on the market, recyclable and re-usable
  • Non-flammable and safe in use, with a safe exposure limit – TLV – of 202ppm (parts per million)
  • High performing, with 99kb cleaning power, comparable to older solvents and over twice that of HFE
  • SF79® is SMI-tested for aero industry materials specification – conforms to BAC 5750, tested in accordance with ARP 1755B, ASTM F1110, ASTM F 519 (1A.1) and ASTM F945-06 (A), and SF80® will shortly follow.
Fraser Technologies can advise on F-Gas alternatives

F-gas restrictions & new regulations

F-gases are much more prevalent in the cleaning industry than buyers are aware, often present in old generation solvents used across a wide range of industry sectors. The high Global Warming Potential of these gases means their use is severely restricted throughout Europe, with usage in certain applications a criminal offence.

Fraser Technologies can advise on NPB alternatives

Countdown to nPB ban

The sunset date for the use of nPB has now past! There will be no exceptions under this legislation, and the date for requesting special authorisation to continue using nPB has also gone. As nPB is now banned all users must now switch to a much safer alternative, to protect all their staff and the environment. Our new Opteon™ range from Chemours™ is the perfect ‘drop in’ solution.

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