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Fraser Technologies has over 50 years experience within the electronics cleaning industry and we are able to provide some of the latest, most efficient, eco friendly and reliable products on the market. Please click on our electronics cleaning factsheet below for more information.

As electronics devices become smaller, with more densely populated PCBs that are hard to clean, the more critical the cleaning process becomes. Better cleaning means stronger, more active fluxes can be used – resulting in better solder joints. The variety of contaminants makes cleaning complex – and today’s range of cleaning products are rising to the challenge and changing the game – delivering processes that offer better cleaning, consistency, speed and value.


Electronics Cleaning Applications

PCB cleaning processes present challenges as components become more densely placed with lower stand-off heights making residue removal difficult. Stencil printing performance depends on effective cleaning to increase stencil life and process yields.

Electronics Cleaning Chemistries

The range of cleaning chemistries we offer – KlensTeK® – has been designed to meet the demands of some of the most critical cleaning applications in the sector. From consumer electronics to the more complex medical and optical devices we bring you best-in-class cleaning solutions.

Electronics Cleaning Equipment

With a wide choice of cleaning equipment and chemistries available – both solvent and aqueous solutions – the decision making process can be complex. New technology brings new challenges, and our aim is to provide the best solution available.

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