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KlensTek® electronic cleaning fluids. Best-in-class performance and safety.

KlensTek® range of electronic component cleaning products have been specially designed to meet the demands of some of the most critical cleaning applications and stringent environmental and health and safety standards electronic; from residue-free PCB cleaning and A and B side misprint cleaning, to stencil cleaning and reflow oven maintenance.

The goal: to provide best-in-class performance and some of the safest products available. We can advise on the best solution to your cleaning challenges and can run full evaluation trials at one of our two UK-based trial and demonstration facilities. Our products are available as aerosols, wipes and in bulk drums and are suitable for both hand cleaning and for use in production cleaning process equipment.

KlensTek® SMT cleaner/defluxer


KlensTek® SMT is a highly effective, multi-use cleaning agent formulated to meet today’s exacting standards for both PCB and stencil cleaning. Dilutable to concentrations as low as 10%, SMT can help significantly reduce electronics cleaning process costs.

KlensTek® SMT is ideal for:

  • PCB cleaning
  • PCB A & B side misprint cleaning
  • Stencil cleaning
  • Reflow oven maintenance cleaning

Advantages of KlensTek® SMT at a glance:

  • Low surface tension for penetrating tight spaces on complex parts and fine-pitch stencils
  • Dilution to concentrations as low as 10% reduces cleaning costs
  • Environment and operator friendly

KlensTek® SC4 solder paste and adhesive remover


KlensTek® SC4 is a highly effective, film-free solder paste and adhesive remover. Safe-in-use, it replaces low-flash-point solvents such as Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). Particularly suitable for  SMT stencils cleaning and as a versatile general purpose electronics industry cleaner.

KlensTek® SC4 is ideal for:

  • SMT stencil cleaning
  • Removing solder paste, adhesives, and sealants
  • Removing uncured/part-cured resins
  • Immersion, spray or wipe cleaning

Advantages of KlensTek® SC4 at a glance:

  • Fast drying
  • Precision cleaning
  • Low risk from inhalation
  • Low surface tension helps penetrate tight spaces

KlensTek® CFR cleaner and flux remover aerosol


New generation KlensTek® CFR cleaner and flux remover from Fraser Technologies offers high cleaning solvency to easily break down tough soils, combined with excellent safety in use and environmental performance. Outstanding cleaning power yet gentle on components.

KlensTek® CFR aerosols are ideal for:

  • Degreasing/general solvent cleaning
  • Medium and heavy soil removal
  • Defluxing electronic components
  • Dewaxing/polishing compound removal
  • Silicone cleaning
  • Particulate removal

Advantages of KlensTek® CFR aerosol at a glance:

  • Outstanding cleaning power yet gentle on components
  • Non-flammable in air in ambient temperature and pressure
  • conditions
  • Eco-friendly – low global warming potential (GWP)
  • Attachable brush and ergonomic can design for effective, economic use

KlensTek® General cleaning and defluxing wipes


KlensTek® IPA Wipes are premium grade pre-moistened ultra-low linting pre-saturated wipes for general cleaning applications. They are ideal for cleaning printed circuit boards post printing, among other electronics applications.

KlensTek® IPA Wipes are ideal for:

  • Degreasing/general solvent cleaning
  • Medium and heavy soil removal
  • Defluxing electronic components
  • Dewaxing/polishing compound removal
  • Silicone cleaning
  • Particulate removal

KlensTek® IPA Wipes are ideal for:

  • Effectively cleaning electronic circuit boards post printing
  • Removing fluxes, light oils, polar soils and white mineral residue.
  • Removing dust, grease and fingerprints, particularly effective on stainless steel.
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