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High reliability. Competitive pricing.

Fraser Technologies has a range of soldering products from suppliers who are actively advancing next generation soldering technologies such as halogen-free flux, anti-cracking solder alloys and low-melting-point solder alloys, alongside its existing suite of high-quality soldering materials.

Our suite of soldering products

  • Residue-less soldering
  • Jet dispensing/high speed dispensing
  • Test probe compatible residues
  • High reliability applications such as those demanded by the aerospace, defence and automotive industries
  • PoP paste applications
  • High-density SMT packages
  • Laser soldering
  • Environmental testing resistant residues
  • SMT Adhesives

We can guide you expertly through the new generation of soldering products including leaded and unleaded solder pastes, fluxes, wires and adhesives for today’s high-temperature applications.

Our range of solder pastes includes products that solve your particular challenges, from pillowing and bridging to poor wetting and voiding. We can assist you with selecting lead–free, leaded or halogen-free solder pastes with the required process performance and cleanability. The aim: repeatable solder joint quality and reliability.

As experts in the field, Fraser Technologies have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our clients’ industries and sectors. Our insights and independent recommendations are based on over 55 years experience, and rigorous analysis of the options available to you.

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