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Creating Partnerships with Chemistry

For nearly 50 years Fraser Technologies has been delivering chemical solutions to UK manufacturing within the electronics, engineering, medical and aerospace industries. We specialise in component cleaning, soldering and the supply and support of speciality fluids - both aqueous and fluorinated solvents - for many applications including carrier fluid for adhesives, aerosols, deposition and heat transfer.

As an independent company we specify and supply both the chemicals and production equipment to offer best-in-class, economic and environmentally friendly solutions backed up with support by our technical team, and fully equipped trial and demonstration facility.

Sectors Parts cleaning and soldering products with solid advice and support, for your sector.

  • Electronics

    Fraser Technologies expertly evaluates SMT component cleaning processes and provides fully-tested cleaning chemistries and equipment matched to specific applications, together with ongoing support. We also supply the Koki range of solder pastes, wires and fluxes.

  • Aerospace and defence

    We have successfully served many global aerospace and defence manufacturers. We provide expert cleaning process evaluation, cutting-edge component cleaning fluids including the Opteon™range of fluorinated cleaning, dialectic and heat transfer fluids by Chemours™, as well as a full range of cleaning equipment and vital support services.

  • Engineering

    We have a wealth of experience in providing engineering component cleaning chemistries and systems. Our new KlensTek® M Series of aqueous metal cleaning agents offers powerful cleaning while the Opteon™ range offers best-in-class, safe and environmentally friendly drop-in solvent application, while meeting stringent environmental and health & safety standards.

  • Automotive

    Manufacturing electric vehicles brings its own challenges and Fraser Technologies is at the forefront of cleaning/cooling and Dielectric applications in this exciting new field. Vehicle quality and reliability depend on the cleanliness of individual components. We help optimise parts cleaning processes, providing perfectly matched cleaning agents and equipment, backed by value-added service.

  • Medical

    Effective and stringent parts cleaning processes are key to the manufacture of medical products. We have worked successfully within the sector for many years, providing precision cleaning agents and equipment, as well as carrier fluids for deposition applications.

  • Optical

    Cleaning of optical components presents a challenge given the range of light soils that need removing to achieve high product performance. Fraser Technologies helps tailor precision cleaning chemistries and equipment to specific applications.

Testimonials What our clients say.

  • “We had been thinking about introducing a cleaning process into our production line for some time and was very impressed with Fraser Technologies advice and patience in working out the best system for us. We were able to trial the cleaning chemistry before purchasing and was very impressed with the results! I would highly recommend Fraser Technologies to anyone.”

    International Automotive Manufacturer

    Manufacturing Director

  • “We purchased an extra heavy payload hoist on top of our Solvac unit allowing us to clean up to one tonne of parts at once! This made a huge difference to our cycle time allowing us to make an extra nine products per hour! We couldn’t believe no mains water was required and the impact it had on the businesses carbon footprint was fantastic! Very Impressed.”

    Leading Aerospace Manufacturer

    Head of Engineering

  • “Fraser Technologies demonstrated that they go beyond supplying equipment and chemistries. Their pre-sale audit of our cleaning process, product trials and innovative thinking helped deliver a component cleaning solution that yields better performance, an improved health and safety profile, and excellent solvent recovery.”

    Prima Dental

    Nigel Frampton, Production Engineer

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